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The training course is marked by the following unique characteristics!

  • It has been rated as the most outstanding speaking and image course in North America for more than 15 years.
  • It includes more than 100 key communication principles, many of which are not offered in any other speaking course.
  • It gives participants multiple opportunities to practice specific strategies for gaining self confidence (strategies that are sometimes copied but never duplicated by any other training organization).
  • Dr. Pfau has developed the most unique and candid approach ever conceived for helping participants quickly overcome speaking distractions, including non words/fillers.
  • Includes an instructional methodology, developed by Dr. Pfau, that allows each participant to make the maximum growth possible in both speaking confidence and competence in the shortest period of time.
  • Provides a learning experience that the vast majority of participants say was the most dynamic, powerful, and enjoyable that they have ever attended.
  • The training is made more interesting and dynamic by videotape clips of more than 50 of the most powerful speakers in the world! The benefits of such a Dr. Pfau training program, from the clients viewpoint, includes:
    • More effective leaders, managers and professionals who are able to communicate with more assertiveness and more impact.
    • More satisfied customers--both external and internal customers--than ever before.
    • An increase of at least 20 percent in the efficiency and effectiveness of subordinates--due to vastly improved communication and motivational skills by their managers.
    • Substantially improved communication skills with members of senior management.