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What People are saying about Training with Dr. Pfau

"Your time with us went way beyond my expectations. You inspired us all to heighten our own professional and personal lives. We can't thank you enough for this--it was truly an outstanding experience."
--Vice President, CNA Insurance Company

"I found your fast pace and honesty refreshing, the course materials supportive and entertaining to learn, and I would recommend this as an outstanding in-house seminar."
--Novell, Inc.

"Dr. Pfau contributed substantially to our achievement of the Deming prize."
--Senior Manager, Florida Power and Light Company

"After struggling through a lifetime of teachers who carried an air of indifference to and isolation from their students, I now wonder how much greater this country would be if they all shared their knowledge with students in the way you did yours."
--Manager, Michigan Department of Transportation

"The caliber of instruction was far superior to any educational experience I have ever had."
--Regional Manager, American Satellite Company

"I just wanted to thank you again for a very exciting, enjoyable and informative three days. Fantastic!! You are a true pro."
--Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force

"Dr. Pfau is an excellent instructor. In 15 years with the Postal Service, this training is without doubt the best course I have ever had."
--Manager, U.S. Postal Service

"Dr. Pfau not only sharpened our skills and gave us new skills, but he fostered camaraderie within the group."
--District Director, U.S. Customs

"What I learned is dramatic! The skills you taught me, while far from being unconsciously competent yet, are definitely a part of me now."
--President, Gamex International. Inc.

"Your course, 'Image and the Executive,' is powerful, timely and well organized and I feel it will help me to be a much better executive."
--Manager, Abbott Laboratories

"If we are able to use even 25% of what we have learned, our skills will be dramatically improved."
--Manager, The Principal Financial Group

"This course would benefit anyone who is in any kind of leadership role."
--Civilian Manager, U.S. Army

"Glenn Pfau is 100% professional himself. Watching him in action is a learning experience in itself. His high level of expertise, along with his humorous and enjoyable delivery, helped me gain a great deal in my own personal growth."
--Manager, Royal and SunAlliance Insurance Company

"The Presentations Skills Seminar was, and continues to be, an outstanding developmental experience for me, and it left me feeling more confident, comfortable and at ease. I highly recommend this course to others."
--Manager, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency